Our Objectives.


Advocate for the rights and needs of individuals in deprived communities, promoting social justice, equality, and inclusion. Raise awareness about pressing issues and work towards policy changes to address systemic challenges.


Improve access to quality education in deprived communities, enabling individuals to acquire knowledge and skills for personal growth, empowerment, and economic opportunities. We help enhance educational infrastructure, provide scholarships, and facilitate mentorship programs.


Enhance healthcare services and promote preventive measures in deprived communities, ensuring access to quality healthcare for all individuals. Collaborate with local healthcare providers, establish medical clinics, conduct health screenings, and organize health education campaigns.

Social Development

Implement sustainable social development initiatives that address the specific needs of deprived communities. Focus on areas such as clean water and sanitation, poverty alleviation, women empowerment, youth development, and environmental sustainability.


Committed To Fulfilling Our Mission

BKQ FOUNDATION is committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals in deprived communities in Ghana. Through our advocacy, education, healthcare, and social development initiatives, we aim to create a future where every person has equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to their communities.